Circuit tester, multimeter in one device

by Truck News

Snap-on’s new EECT900 Multi-Probe Ultra features a circuit tester and digital multimeter in one handheld device for testing AC and DC voltage, resistance, and amperage.

A rear-facing LCD navigation screen offers a color-coded menu. Data is displayed by unique colors to make it easier to recall – AC voltage is purple, DC voltage is orange, amperage is yellow, and ohms are white.

Single-function buttons make for quicker scrolling, muting, or light activation. And an AC meter simultaneously displays peak-to-peak, pulse width, duty cycle, frequency, and TRMS.

The unit comes with a 23-foot cable to connect to the vehicle battery and check distant circuits, while there’s also a circuit-breaker-protected power-up and built-in vehicle battery status check to inform technicians before they diagnose circuits.


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