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CloudHawk changes the telematics game

WATERLOO, Ont. — CloudHawk, a Canadian telematics technology company, is quickly growing according to its latest news release.

The company, headquartered in the  technology hub of the Kitchener Waterloo region, offers high performing tracking devices for the trucking transportation industry and has become a  popular choice for transportation companies since not only does the company provide common GPS tracking and telematics, but also because it eliminates costly problems including theft as well as protecting cargo from spoilage. 

Many of the current GPS tracking companies need their devices installed in obvious places such as the OBD port, outside the trailer, or are extremely large and easy for a thief to find and remove.  CloudHawk has solved this important problem in the industry with a hardware design that is smaller and much better performing in hidden areas than all other trackers. There is no visible antennae and does not need to be oriented in a specific position to get signal. It can be hidden and actually still have better tracking performance.

Additionally, CloudHawk devices can also allow for connection with high performance sensors. Another major problem affecting companies that transport goods using reefers is the loss of cargo from temperature drops, improper temperature settings and malfunctioning refrigeration units. CloudHawk temperature sensors allow for real-time, precise updates and have already saved many cargo loads from spoiling worth millions for customers.

The CH300 series models are the current flagship trackers for CloudHawk. Some key specifications of these trackers are:

1. Small, rugged, and waterproof design with an industry leading backup battery life that lasts incredibly long.

2. Real-time monitoring and higher GPS signal accuracy using 2G/3G networks. When connected to a power source, CloudHawk trackers provide position updates every 12

3. Once optional sensors are installed, there is no extra costs to customers. Sensors such as real-time temperature tracking for refrigerated trailers and reefers, door sensors to
track opening and closes of trailer doors, and engine hour tracking to automate maintenance scheduling. Other sensors include fuel sensors, cargo sensor, humidity, and more.

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