Among the world-exclusive introductions at the recent Truck World 2010 show in Toronto was a new product family from Fontaine Fifth Wheel. The ‘Ultra’ line initially includes four new models, with more planned. Those four are: the Ultra NS fifth wheel with infinite, automatic slack adjustment; the Ultra LT, said to be the lightest-weight fifth-wheel slider system available; the Ultra HD, a lighter-weight product for severe-service applications; and the Ultra HR, a direct replacement for competitive standard-duty fifth-wheel top plates.

Among those four, Fontaine says it combined the best features of its two heavy-duty fifth wheels, the No-Slack H5092 and X5092, to create the new Ultra HD. It’s said to weigh less than the X5092 while retaining the special steel reinforcement offered by the H5092 for added strength and durability. It’s rated for severe-duty applications such as oil fields, logging, chip hauling and end-dump trailers. It has a cast-steel top plate.

The Ultra HD fits Fontaine’s existing mounts, including two sliders and a number of stationary mounts. It’s also available as a blocked model for frameless dump applications. It offers a 70,000-lb vertical load and 200,000-lb drawbar pull.

As with all Fontaine fifth wheels, the Ultra HD features a patented lock design that’s claimed to eliminate the possibility of false trailer couplings.

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