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Freightliner Trucks unveils new business Class M2 106V heavy-duty vehicle

DALLAS, Tex. -- Freightliner Trucks recently announced the addition of the new Business Class M2 106V vocational ve...

DALLAS, Tex. — Freightliner Trucks recently announced the addition of the new Business Class M2 106V vocational vehicle to the Business Class M2 product line.

This latest addition to the Business Class M2 product line comes two-and-a-half years after the launch of the M2 truck platform. The new truck was unveiled at the Great American Trucking Show here.

The Business Class M2 106V complements the Business Class M2 112V, which was launched in the second quarter of 2004. The M2 106V and 112V are designed for specialized applications which require heavy-duty, front-end stability and power. The M2 V truck models are ideal for snow plow and crane operations, along with construction, agriculture, fire and emergency, refuse, utility and municipal and governmental services.

“As we see Freightliner Trucks’ business increase in local and regional distribution and services applications, we expect the introduction of this vehicle to allow us an even greater penetration of the vocational market,” said Mark Lampert, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Freightliner

The 106V incorporates all of the same key features as the Business Class 112V in a smaller, versatile package. Features include a front engine power take-off (PTO) provision for powering snow plows, refuse packers, cranes and utility equipment. Additionally, front frame extensions, offering up to 3.7 million inch-pounds of RBM, provide a solid mounting point for hydraulic pumps, winches, front stabilizers and snowplows. These integral frame extensions are offered in 6-, 12- and 24-inch increments.

Along with the other vehicles in the Business Class M2 product line, the new M2 106V features the Freightliner Trucks Multiplex Wiring System for ease of service and maximum customization. This wiring system is especially beneficial for the M2 106V as it enables body builders to modify the PTO interlocks with software instead of designing a new harness. Additionally, a clean back-of-cab allows for easy body installation while exhaust stacks can be mounted on the right or left side, vertically or horizontally.

Its lightweight aluminum cab maximizes payload and resists corrosion. The Business Class M2 106V also features a standard stationary grille and optional hood access hatches for ease of service, which reduces maintenance time and costs.

The new Business Class M2 106V offers the same features and benefits that made the other vehicles in the M2 product line a benchmark success in terms of drivability and maneuverability. The M2 106V offers an up-to 55-degree wheel-cut, allowing for maximum agility while the 2500-square-inch windshield and low-profile dash provides an expansive view. Fresnel windows are available for a wide-angle passenger-side view.

The Business Class M2 106V comes standard with Freightliner’s proprietary 6.4-liter Mercedes-Benz MBE 906 engine which offers up to 260 horsepower, 520-700 pound-feet of torque, excellent fuel economy and the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry. The 7.2-liter MBE 926, with up to 330 horsepower and 800-1000 pound-feet of torque, is available as an option along with the Caterpillar C7 and C9 engines. A full range of transmission options are available including the Eaton Fuller manual, Allison automatic and the Mercedes-Benz Automated Gear Shift.

The new M2 106V is particularly effective for jobs that require increased front-end stability. Available with front suspension ratings up to 20,000 pounds and single or dual steering gears, the M2 106V is able to take on jobs previously unsuited for a truck its size.

A complete front axle selection, rated from 10,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds, is available on the new M2 106V to meet the most demanding applications. Rear axles ranging from 21,000 pounds to 46,000 pounds are offered, rounding out the vehicle’s ability for heavy-duty applications.

To reduce road vibration and increase driver comfort, the Business Class M2 106V comes standard with leaf-spring cab suspension, with an option for air-ride cab suspension. Multi-leaf or taper-leaf front suspension is available as well as Freightliner’s proven AirLiner or TufTrac rear suspension systems, with front suspension ratings from 10,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and rear suspension ratings from 21,000 pounds to 46,000 pounds.

The new Business Class M2 106V also features a standard 1,000-square-inch radiator. The radiator is raised up so that the PTO shaft coming out of the engine runs under the radiator rather than through it, for enhanced cooling capacity and optimal packaging within the engine compartment.

The new Business Class M2 106V is available in Day Cab, Crew Cab and Extended Cab configurations with optional front and rear bench seating. Air-suspended and SCBA seats are available in most seating positions.

Production of the Business Class M2 106V began in the third quarter of 2004 at the Mount Holly, N.C., Freightliner Manufacturing Plant.

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