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OWINGS MILLS, Md. — GeoLogic Solutions is adding a solar-powered option to its TrailerMax asset monitoring system.

The new system, called TrailerMax Solar, will feature all the current functionality of TrailerMax but in addition to using tractor power to charge the battery it will also be able to use the sun to recharge when the trailer is not attached to the power unit.

"The environmental and economical impact of using solar energy to assist with the overall management of the millions of trailers in the U.S. is enormous," announced Norman Thomas, director of asset management sales for GeoLogic Solutions. "The battery replacement cost-savings offers a significant return on investment, but the real impact comes from giving motor carriers choices for maintaining battery power in order to ensure total system reliability."

TrailerMax provides trailer tracking for units that are attached and unattached to a tractor. The company refers to the system as an event-driven system.

"An event-driven system means a fleet manager can configure exactly when a notification is sent from the trailer," explained Thomas. "Instead of randomly ‘pinging’ a trailer to see where it is, TrailerMax can be configured to send a message based on certain parameters, such as if it moves, if the door opens, or if a tractor is connected. This ability to send a message only when necessary not only keeps the amount of information flowing to a minimum, it also decreases overall monthly communications costs."

Battery life on trailer tracking systems varies widely, depending on the number of reports the system must record. If a trailer sends one message per day, an average battery could last between 45 and 60 days before it requires recharging, GeoLogic claims.

However, since many carriers now request information on cargo capacity, door open/closed status and trailer movement additional sensors have been added to most systems.

"Additional sensors use battery power," Thomas noted, "And if a battery loses power before recharging then the trailer loses the ability to communicate, and virtually becomes ‘lost’ to the fleet."

He added TrailerMax Solar is a "virtually maintenance-free product" and that the system can last indefinitely without recharging from the tractor based on it sending one message per day. Since most trailers are connected to a tractor regularly, Thomas said "battery power is one less thing our customers have to worry about."

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