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Geotab adds new partner solutions to its marketplace

TORONTO, Ont. – Geotab today announced the availability of new partner solutions on the Geotab Marketplace.

Strategically selected to improve business and driver productivity while helping fleets with regulatory compliance requirements, Descartes MacroPointTM, Welltrax by Vertrax and HighJump Prophesy Dispatch TMS join a growing portfolio of mobile apps, software add-ins and hardware add-ons that enable Geotab customers to customize their fleet management.

These new additions to the Geotab Marketplace are geared to address the needs of heavy duty fleets but can also benefit businesses of any size and composition, Geotab said.

Descartes MacroPoint’s Global Visibility Platform is a tool that allows shippers, third-party logistic companies (3PLs) and brokers to view, analyze, predict and report freight activity in real-time.

Welltrax by Vertrax, is a transportation management solution (TMS) for the bulk transportation of commodities such as crude oil, gravel, sand, grains, wastewater and other wet and dry bulk goods. It helps fleets drive increased efficiencies through customized pick-up and drop-off forms and real-time load management and asset tracking.

HighJump Prophesy Dispatch TMS is a dispatch and accounting system available to truckload carriers, brokers and private fleets. It aligns dispatch and accounting departments while handling all freight brokering needs in real-time.

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