Geotab announces new series of Iox add-ons

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. – Geotab has introduced the Iox-Alert, Iox-Comspread and Iox-Output, a new series of Iox add-ons in an effort to further expand fleet management capabilities by allowing users to easily build new applications and integrate other business systems.

The Iox-Alert is a driver-initiated alert notification system, which allows the driver to push a button to send a message to their dispatcher while a specific engine diagnostic is recorded by MyGeotab.

The Iox-Comspread, a substance spreader controller, helps companies gain greater awareness of their operations by reporting the amount of material spread, time of spreading and the spread rate. The add-on supports Rexroth Compu-Spread CS-440 and CS-550 solid and liquid spreader controllers found on snow vehicle equipment.

A relay controller, the Iox-Output helps fleet managers enhance control and communication by sending commands directly from MyGeotab to sensors or third-party devices in a vehicle, or control a relay from the vehicle in real-time.

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