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Great Dane features ThermoGuard, CorroGuard at Great West Truck Show

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Great Dane Trailers showcased its ThermoGuard and CorroGuard, at the recent Great West Truck Sho...

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Great Dane Trailers showcased its ThermoGuard and CorroGuard, at the recent Great West Truck Show, two products that have been designed to extend the life of a refrigerated trailer and to combat corrosion, respectively.

ThermoGuard is a glass-reinforced thermoplastic interior liner composite layer, which seals the trailer’s insulation. Great Dane states that it significantly reduces “out gassing” and helps to maintain thermal efficiency over the life of a trailer. The trailer company maintains that operational costs are reduced as the cooling unit will run less, consume less fuel, and require less maintenance.

Unlike traditional interior linings, ThermoGuard’s impermeable construction allows the insulation to perform efficiently year after year, according to Great Dane. A refrigerated trailer lined with ThermoGuard is purported to dramatically slow down the loss in insulation performance that refrigerated trailers with traditional liners, experience, as it ages. This would extend the trailer’s useful life by maintaining excess capacity and the overall effectiveness of the trailer, particularly improving utilization of trailer fleets with more options for specific temperature-controlled hauls.

CorroGuard is a comprehensive corrosion-fighting product, that helps maintain the image of a trailer. It is a “spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomeric coating,” which is applied to suspensions and support gear to provide long-term protection from road abrasion and corrosion. Available on all Great Dane dry vans and refrigerated trailer models, CorroGuard provides extreme durability and chemical resistance to current de-icing chemicals, road debris, climate fluctuations, and ice and snow, officials said.

Great Dane lists the product as being:

-air tight and water tight, and will not peel, crack, warp, flake or split under even the harshest of conditions;
-rapid-curing and does not require humidity or moisture to cure, so it can be applied in cold temperatures, and will not bubble in climates of high humidity; -remains pliable over time and withstands prolonged UV exposure;
-made from 100% solids, does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) or solvents, thus, it is not carcinogenic, ozone depleting or harmful if inhaled.

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