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Great Dane’s PunctureGuard is now available throughout the trailer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Great Dane Trailers features its interior trailer lining, PunctureGuard Plus, on its new Super L...

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Great Dane Trailers features its interior trailer lining, PunctureGuard Plus, on its new Super LT refrigerated trailer and its popular SSL van trailer now on display at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The company introduced its PunctureGuard scuffband in early 2003. Since then, more than 175,000 square feet equal to four acres of PunctureGuard have been produced.

Now the same enhanced performance is available throughout the interior of Great Dane van and reefer trailers.

"Great Dane Trailers is proud to introduce this durable and resilient material that is the only liner designed from conception specifically for the trailer industry by the trailer industry. Like PunctureGuard scuffband, it will offer greater value to our customers," said Chris Adkins, senior vice president sales and marketing, Great Dane Trailers.

PunctureGuard’s newest application is available as a van liner in a 0.100-inch thick panel and as a reefer liner in 0.050 inch, 0.070 inch, and 0.100 inch thick panels. As a scuffband, PunctureGuard is available in 0.200 and 0.120 bondable scuff thicknesses for reefers and in 0.160 and 0.200 inch thicknesses as non-bondable scuff for dry freight vans.

Conventional fiberglass reinforced plastic panels typically contain between 23 percent and 30 percent glass content combined with thermoset polyester vinyl resin in a process that involves random distribution of the glass fibers. In comparison, PunctureGuard’s manufacturing process begins with a uniform distribution of the glass fibers, which results in a lighter-weight product that is stronger and tougher than currently used polyester resin panels.

The result is a highly-durable product more suitable for the abuses of trailer interiors. Both the PunctureGuard interior liner and scuffband offer benefits that no other material can offer. PunctureGuard’s superior strength-to-weight ratio means it can be made thinner than other materials and provide more interior trailer cube. Because of its thinness, PunctureGuard protrudes minimally into the trailer’s cargo space, yet it is thick enough to attach with recessed fasteners.

The polypropylene material is impervious to moisture and will not deteriorate like wood liners. Because PunctureGuard is a thermoplastic, it remains pliant over time, so impacts from loading equipment will not cause the material to set or curl away from the walls. As a thermoplastic, PunctureGuard can be reheated and reformed, which makes it easy to repair.

PunctureGuard liner can be specified on all orders placed after April 1, 2004.

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