The new Pluggable Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor (PHETT) from Capacity of Texas uses regenerative braking and a genset to sustain battery charge. The 225-hp, three-phase AC traction motor provides a gross combination weight rating of 130,000 lb, making the PHETT suitable for shunting loaded trailers up to about 100,000 lb. According to Capacity, the PHETT offers a 60% reduction in fuel consumption, and zero exhaust and noise emissions in battery mode. It can operate six to eight hours on a single charge. The genset kicks in when battery charge drops to 50%, bumping it back up to 80%. Plug it in to a 220-volt outlet for six to eight hours, and the battery is fully charged again. The PHETT costs roughly double the cost of a diesel shunt truck, but fuel savings for a 3000 hour/year operation are calculated at about $23,000. Factor in savings in oil changes and transmission flushes, and Capacity says the PHETT will save such an operation $26,000 a year. The PHETT is available through selected dealers, including Glasvan Great Dane in Mississauga, Ont.

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