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IdleAire opens another Thruway installation

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- IdleAire Technologies Corporation celebrated the opening of IdleAire's second Thruway location,...

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — IdleAire Technologies Corporation celebrated the opening of IdleAire’s second Thruway location, Chittenango Travel Plaza, last week.

The Thruway was the first superhighway in the nation to provide IdleAire’s innovative, card-activated Advanced Travel Center Electrification (ATE) system with installation at DeWitt Travel Plaza.

Like other IdleAire installations being deployed across the country, the new site at Chittenango allows drivers of long-haul trucks to turn off their engines while they rest, instead of idling them to warm or cool the cab, and power accessories. Being able to shut the engine off improves driver comfort and safety, as well as air quality and noise levels. It also cuts the costs of fuel and maintenance for truck owners.

"We’re very pleased to open our second installation on the Thruway," said David Everhart, senior vice-president of strategic relationships, "because it offers the opportunity to acknowledge the pioneer spirit of those who made this initiative a reality. They stepped up and helped build one of the first IdleAire sites in the U.S. Our project partners have proven that professional organizations with foresight can turn dreams into reality and create measurable results. It’s a pleasure to work with each of them and we anticipate many projects on the Thruway in the future."

The hourly charge for IdleAire’s standard services is less than the cost of the diesel fuel used to idle a heavy-duty truck each hour. IdleAire installs, operates and maintains the system, and shares revenues with parking lot owners.

The IdleAire system delivers heat, air, and communications and entertainment packages to the cab by way of a service delivery module that fits in the truck window using a simple-to-install $10 adapter that drivers carry. Drivers choose services using the module, which is driven by a Pentium-class computer with a color touch screen.

For more information visit or call 865-342-3659.

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