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Innovative device makes dead truck batteries a thing of the past

CLIFTON, N.J. -- It's every motorist's dreaded scenario. The battery has died, whether it's because the lights were...

CLIFTON, N.J. — It’s every motorist’s dreaded scenario. The battery has died, whether it’s because the lights were left on, a cell phone was left charging in the cigarette lighter, or maybe extreme weather has taken its toll, the bottom line is your vehicle will not start.

Now a new and easy solution has been created, called Battery Brain. Smart Energy Solutions, Inc. is the inventor and manufacturer of the innovative Battery Brain automotive aftermarket device.

A small, innovative device, Battery Brain connects to a vehicle’s battery and uses advanced electronics and software to continuously monitor the charge strength of the battery. If the charge drops below a pre-programmed level, Battery Brain automatically cuts off power to anything draining the battery, ensuring there is enough charge remaining to start the engine.

“Battery Brain actually operates as an on/off switch between the battery and electrical system, preventing energy drainage of the battery due to electrical devices being left on, or due to an unknown short in the system,” says Aharon Levinas, a mechanical and environmental engineer whose own frustration with dead batteries led him to develop the device and form a new company to market it. “It also protects electronic devices in the vehicle, such as DVD players or GPS systems, which can be damaged if the electrical current and voltage do not remain at a constant level.”

Battery Brain can be used for any engine with a conventional lead-acid battery, which includes cars, trucks, RVs, tractors, and even boats. The device can be installed by using the vehicle’s existing battery cables.

Smart Energy Solutions, Inc. is the sole owner of the Battery Brain line of automotive products. The company is headquartered in Clifton, N.J. and was formerly known as, Inc. Visit for more information.

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