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Introducing the Smart Lite system

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A life-long trucker has invented a device that allows commercial drivers to now see the space in the front end blind spot.

The new system is called Smart Lite and uses mirror to mirror technology to help reduce accidents caused by front end blind spots. Smart Lite mounts on both sides of the truck (at the rear and at the top) where the truck’s reverse lights are typically mounted. After installation, the driver sitting in the cab simply needs to take a glance through the side mirror of the truck and back to the mirror built into Smart Lite to see what he/she couldn’t see in the blind spot before.

The inventor, Marty Vanderhoek of Langley, B.C., has been a professional driver since 1975 . He used his experience on the road to create this product that he said will save lives.

“Before Smart Lite there was no device or system that allowed the operator to  make a 100% visual determination of what was beside him and a little ahead of his door,” he said. “With Smart Lite that problem is now solved.”

During the test marketing of the product, more than 200 drivers were selected to evaluate the Smart Lite product. According to Vanderhoek, the feedback showed “not one of these drivers would ever again want to drive a semi trailer truck without a set of Smart Lites installed on his or her truck.”

Smart Lite has received endorsement by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as a safety feature that improves trucker safety.

For more information visit the product’s official Web site, here or watch the video below to see how Smart Lite works:

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