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Johnson Matthey CRT Particulate Filter for diesel emissions control reinstated by California ARB

MALVERN, Pa. -- Johnson Matthey's Environmental Catalysts and Technologies (ECT) group announced that its CRT (Con...

MALVERN, Pa. — Johnson Matthey’s Environmental Catalysts and Technologies (ECT) group announced that its CRT (Continuously Regenerating Technology) particulate filter was reinstated as a Level 3-verified diesel emission control devise by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) last month.

Johnson Matthey’s CRT Filter was the first diesel emission control aftertreatment technology to be verified by the ARB in 2001 to meet Level 3 standards, achieving 85 per cent or greater reduction in particulate matter. Although the CRT filter has always satisfied these performance requirements, the ARB revoked its verification in January 2004 due to Johnson Matthey’s opposition to newly enacted warranty terms that extended filter manufacturer liability. The ARB announced these new terms in May of 2003, and put them into effect on January 2004.

Through on-going discussions, the two organizations have worked together to resolve the warranty dispute. The ARB has affirmed that Johnson Matthey accepted the warranty statement and fulfilled the requirements for reinstatement. The CRT particulate filter warranty now covers retrofitted engine damage as a direct result of a failed filter.

“Everyone at the ARB is pleased to have a world leader in heavy-duty diesel retrofit systems back in California as a partner in our on-going efforts to protect the environment,” said Catherine Witherspoon, Executive Officer, of the California Air Resources Board. “Johnson Matthey’s CRT filter remains one of the most effective diesel emission control technologies available today, and we feel that it is in California’s best interest to have this technology available for its diesel bus and truck fleets.”

All Johnson Matthey CRT filters sold before January 1, 2004 — the official de-verification date — remained verified under the California ARB’s original order. The product also remained legally saleable in California while Johnson Matthey and the CARB discussed the warranty terms.

In addition to the reinstatement of its CRT particulate filter, Johnson Matthey anticipates additional technology verifications in the near future. To control NOx, a major contributor to ground-level ozone and smog, JM’s EGRT– (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Technology) system delivers NOx reductions greater than 40 percent, and CO, HC and PM reductions greater than 90 percent, and is expected to receive ARB verification this summer. Its CCRT– (Catalyzed-CRT) filter — Johnson Matthey’s second-generation diesel particulate filter for more difficult low-temperature applications — is expected to receive US EPA verification this month and ARB verification this summer.

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