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Kemira develops solution for nitrogen oxide emissions released in diesel engine exhaust gases

HELSINKI, Finland -- Kemira Oyj has developed a new comprehensive solution for significantly reducing the emissions...

HELSINKI, Finland — Kemira Oyj has developed a new comprehensive solution for significantly reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides by motor vehicles, especially by heavy vehicles.

The new product, Denoxium, is being tested in collaboration with Ecocat Oy, Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT and TEKES. Denoxium is the answer to the strict emission standards set by the European Union on heavy-duty diesel engines. New, more demanding emission values will come into effect already next year and the following further restrictions are due to come into effect in 2008.

Kemira has already demonstrated its ammonium formate -based Denoxium concept to all the leading vehicle manufacturers in Europe and the reception has been enthusiastic. The first automobile factories have already begun testing the product in their engine laboratories and test tracks. Kemira itself is in a position to launch Denoxium production immediately at its Oulu production plant.

The international development work and applications related to exhaust gas catalysers have concentrated on solutions in which the reduction of exhaust gases has been based on the use of a urea solution. Nitrogen oxides are reduced into harmless nitrogen gas when this solution is sprayed into the vehicle’s exhaust gas system. However, this Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology has its weakness. It will freeze in a cold climate.

The low (-11 degrees C) freezing-point of the urea-and-water solution makes the handling, transportation, storage and use of the solution difficult in cold climates, e.g. in Northern Europe. Various heating methods have the effect of raising the costs associated with this solution. Moreover, the reduction capacity of nitrogen oxides in urea is low in both low and high exhaust gas temperatures.

Denoxium is an ammonium formate-based solution obtained by refining formic acid. According to the research results obtained by VTT, this solution functions better than the urea-and-water solution in both low and high exhaust gas temperatures. It is also perfectly compatible with urea solutions, which is why engine adjustments do not need to be changed. Denoxium is safe to use and safe for the environment.

For more information, Kemira Oyj, tel. +358-010-8611 Ilkka Pollari, Director, Industrial Chemicals Tel. +358-10-862-1510 or mobile +358-500-601-976

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