The AG130, AG210L and AG400L models are the latest additions to Kenworth’s suspension family.

The AG130 is a proprietary air-spring front suspension in a four-bag configuration, while competitive systems typically offer two. Having four bags is said to help reduce road inputs and vibration, while the wide, flat leaf spring increases roll stiffness to provide better handling and road feel. It’s 20 lb lighter than traditional 12,000-lb, taper-leaf front suspensions, KW says. The disc-brake-compatible AG130 will be available in 12,000- and 13,200-lb ratings for Kenworth T660, T800 and T2000 class 8 models. A similar suspension is available on several Peterbilt models as well.

Also compatible with air disc brakes, the new AG400L tandem rear air suspension is claimed to be a cost-effective solution for on-highway work, providing a smooth ride by using a proven trailing-arm design. It’s a 40,000-lb model for T660, T800, T2000, and W900 class 8 models. The four-bag suspension supports fifth-wheel height as low as 42 in. Kenworth says it’s “a great choice for customers interested in a smooth ride that do not require the articulation performance of the AG400.”

The AG210L single-axle rear suspension is an “economical” choice for medium-duty class 6 and 7 conventionals. A two-bag version of the AG400L, it’s rated at 21,000 lb for the Kenworth T270 and T370.

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