Kinedyne curtain keeps cargo cold

by Today's Trucking

There’s a new alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strip curtains used to control cargo temperatures.

While drivers have been known to cut down down such sharp-edged strips, to get them out of the way, Kinedyne’s Kold-Front Refrigeration Curtain System promises better thermal resistance, greater durability, and easier use.

Kinedyne’s Kold-Front Refrigeration Curtain System (Photo: Kinedyne)

Traditional refrigerated side curtains move on two-wheeled plastic rollers that can bind, but the Kold-Front glides on five steel wheels with ball bearings.

It’s also 40% heavier than a standard side curtain, helping to maintain cold temperatures in a refrigerated trailer.

The curtain system kit comes with an 84-inch Kin-Slider aluminum roller track, three five-wheel rollers, and a ballast-weighted 60×102-inch 26-ounce PVC curtain. Curtain colors and dimensions can be customized, and the 15-inch bottom can be trimmed to adjust for length.

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