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Kinedyne named exclusive master distributor for VeeBoard Brand Corner Protectors

BRANCHBURG, N.J. — Kinedyne announced today that it has been named the exclusive distributor for VeeBoards, BeeBoards2Go and BrickGuards Brand Corner Protectors for the US and Canada.

VeeBoards, VeeBoards2Go and BrickGuards Brand Corner Protectors are used primarily by fleets and owner-operators with flatbed and curtain-side trailers. The products have a significant following among carriers serving the construction and building industries as they are designed for loads such as shingles, windows, doors, drywall and foam insulation that are prone to damage from load securement straps and other tie-down assemblies. The corner protectors prevent the straps from exerting focused pressure that can mar or distort cargo, by spreading the tension across a wider area.

As part of its agreement with the product’s manufacturer, Kinedyne will also be distributing the industry’s first patent-pending, stackable corner protectors.

Kinedyne says the new stackable design “allows the strap guide channels on each corner protector to nest securely on top of the next, enabling users to store the devices in a low-profile unit when not in use. The stacks take up less space and are much easier for flatbed trailer operators to secure and store than freestanding corner protectors.”

The stackable design is now standard on all VeeBoards, VeeBoards2Go and BrickGuards Brand Corner Protectors.

“Before we introduced VeeBoards Brand Corner Protectors, most corner protection devices were homemade wood assemblies or bent metal, which widely varied in structure, safety and effectiveness,” Steve Bartleet, president and CEO of Bartleet Trading International, which manufacturers VeeBoards, said. “With our new stackable design, we have continued our legacy of providing the industry with intelligently designed equipment that not only promotes safety, but is durable and easy to use.”

“This is a superbly designed product line and, used in conjunction with proper load securement techniques, promotes safety for both vehicle operators and the public at large,” added Paul Wolford, vice-president of sales and marketing for Kinedyne. “Kinedyne is excited to be able to make these products available to more fleets and owner-operators everywhere and to help promote proper load securement within the industry.”

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