Light, Compact APU

The new 18-inch-wide Dynasys SL APU from Perrin Manufacturing is an automotive-style HVAC system. It’s available with a multi-purpose console that fits virtually all major day cab configurations and an under-bunk version that accommodates most traditional sleeper cab styles.

Unlike the existing Compact Dynasys SL APU weighs just 295 lb, the new SL does not include an AC power generator, but focuses solely on climate control of the truck’s cabin. The system is thus 25% lighter at 295 lb. It uses a belt-driven AC compressor to generate up to 24,000 BTU/hr of cooling power and heat dissipation from its diesel powerplant to deliver up to 8000 BTU/hr of heating strength.

Both APUs are compact and fit the frame-rail mounting space of most North American truck brands.

They’re claimed to be the only APUs on the market to use a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel outer envelope and heavy-duty zinc-plated frame with powder coating. Also unique to the Dynasys brand is its in-cab, touch-screen user interface controller.

To add to operator comfort, the units are also designed with advanced noise-reduction technology, keeping them at or below 75 dB under full load, producing about a third less noise than an idling heavy diesel truck.

Both are powered by an easily accessed two-cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine, boasting a Tier-4 EPA rating, the lowest for its class. Dynasys APUs attach to a power unit’s existing fuel tank and operate on less than one quarter of the diesel fuel needed to idle a class 8 diesel engine.

The Dynasys APU is also available with shore power, which provides the additional flexibility of plugging into any 110-volt outlet to work independently from the APU engine for fuel savings with minimal noise.

The SL day cab model has an HVAC console with four large multi-directional air vents, two large cup holders, and two storage trays, as well as a USB charging port and a 12-volt DC power receptacle.

Sales and service of Dynasys APU products are available in the U.S. and Canada through 145 dealer locations.

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to

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