Low-riding Volvo daycab for auto haulers

John G Smith


The Volvo Auto Hauler (VAH) 300 day cab can now be ordered at an unladen 94.5 inches high, and that’s 1.5 inches lower than other cabs in the market, the OEM says.

The new day cab emerges through a collaboration with Fontaine Modification, creating three more inches of room above the truck.

Lower truck heights have become increasingly important because of the increasing heights of the vehicles they haul.

A clean top-of-frame behind the cab also supports easier body mounting and trailer hookups, Volvo adds. Other features include deep-drop front axles and low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspensions.

Under the hood, options include the D11 engine with 325-425 hp and 1,250-1,550 lb-ft of torque, or the D13 with 405-500 hp and 1,450-1,850 lb-ft of torque. It’s also available with the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission.

Fontaine also modifies a range of Volvo models used by auto haulers, including the VAH 300 (available as the Fontaine Model 94 or 97); VAH 400 (Fontaine Model 97 or 102); and VAH 600 (Fontaine Model 97 or 102).


John G Smith

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