Luber-finer says new air filter offers 99.99% overall efficiency

by Truck News

PERRYSBURG, Ohio – Luber-finer released its MXM Nano Tech air filter Jan. 11, a product the company says offers 99.99% overall filtration efficiency.

“The new high-efficiency MXM Nano Tech air filter is an exciting addition to the diverse line of Luber-finer air-filtration solutions,” said Layne Gobrogge, director of heavy duty marketing and product development. “The quality of air entering a heavy duty engine is a constant concern for fleet managers that are trying to get the optimum efficiency from their vehicles. Since the MXM Nano Tech air-filter media provides 99.99% overall efficiency, it can help fleet managers obtain that optimum level of efficiency they are looking for with their fleets.”

Luber-finer said its new filtration technology is designed to keep contaminants at the surface of the filter and away from the engine, and that by comparison, conventional cellulose filters have large gaps between the cellulose fibers, which allow contaminants to deeply penetrate the media.

Luber-finer, a brand in heavy-duty filtration since 1936, said the filter meets OEM warranty specifications and provides twice the dust-holding capacity of cellulose media.

The MXM Nano Tech filters offered include 35 models covering popular on-road and off-road applications. Visit or call 1-800-851-3641 for more information.

MXM Nano Tech air filter.
MXM Nano Tech air filter.

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