Winnipeg’s CVCMobile sells a variety of Canadian-made mobile video equipment and claims that increased traffic congestion makes the need for high-quality video recording "a must" on commercial vehicles. It says mobile video products often prove true liability and can save big dollars on deductibles, possibly preventing 50% at-fault determinations when the culprit in an accident isn’t otherwise clear. The cost of the equipment, says the company, might well be repaid in just one incident. It can rig up to four cameras in full color with an optional in-cab display, plus motion detection, even an optional GPS unit.  CVCMobile says that one camera facing forward through the windshield and one camera mounted rearward on each of the outside mirrors allows a system to ‘see’ most of a tractor and trailer. A 7- or 10-in. ceiling-mounted monitor is available so the driver can ‘see’ too — not just in real time but, for example, when he returns to the truck after a truckstop break and finds damage to the vehicle. With the monitor he can quickly view the recording and determine what happened. Images can be converted quickly to a standard PC format to create court-quality video. Systems are designed, manufactured and tested in Canada for use in difficult Canadian environments. The small Sony-based camera shown here is not much bigger than a loonie and can withstand temperatures from –40°C to +65°C.

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