Cellutrak offers mobile capabilities

There’s a new telematics offering on the market that was originally created and used for search-and-rescue missions by the Israeli military, according to Cellutrak Canada. Adapted for fleet use, it now comprises a line of products that include ‘Control’ and ‘iTrailer’. The company, newly part of an 18-year-old international enterprise, uses both GPS & GSM networks to gather, transmit, and store vehicle information, and location data.

Control offers 24/7/365 customer service, geofencing, and two-way communication. It can also monitor driver activity with Cellutrak’s own driver-behavior module. With 21 parameter settings that track important data such as over-rpm accelerations, harsh braking, or long idling, companies can reduce equipment, fuel and maintenance costs.

Features include: anti-theft security system; secure access to a user-friendly website; GPS/GSM jamming detection; internal backup battery; continuous information alerts such as PTO engaged, doors open/closed, and ignition on/off; maintenance notifications based on programmed odometer readings; access to optimized route planning, custom reports, and vehicle histories; and much more.

iTrailer is an easy-to-install GPS and anti-theft system that monitor and can help recover trailer and container assets. It offers battery life that lasts for many years, a built-in recharger that works in up to -30 degrees Celsius, and a 3D accelerometer to detect and alert any unauthorized movement.

Cellutrak says the iTrailer device pays particular attention to technical difficulties such as power consumption, temperature durability, concealment, tampering, and rough environments.

It features embedded GSM/GPS antennae; dust and shock resistance designed for external/internal use and extreme weather conditions; an internal backup battery; storage of up to 14,500 positions; a configurable speed alert; geo-fence management and alert; plus idle alert. iTrailer is also said to be easy to install.

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