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New battery for the trucking market

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- EaglePicher Horizon Inc.'s 12D2000 is an lead acid battery product based on woven grid technology...

PHOENIX, Ariz. — EaglePicher Horizon Inc.’s 12D2000 is an lead acid battery product based on woven grid technology that can significantly reduce the internal impedance offered by the battery, thereby providing greater efficiency, faster recharge and higher cold cranking power.

These benefits add up to a significant power delivery increase in comparison to conventional motive lead acid batteries. It offers a solution that is proven with respect to the chemical composition, offers more features than conventional lead acid batteries and also poses competition to alternative chemistries such as lithium ion, lithium ion polymer, nickel metal hydride, and others.

Key features of 12D200 include: low internal impedance resulting in higher efficiency in comparison to conventional lead acid batteries, higher energy density in comparison to conventional lead acid batteries, greater resistance to corrosion and structural failure and increased resistance to vibration.

Higher efficiency enables the battery to accept a faster charge (up to eight times faster than conventional MLA batteries), ultimately extending the equipment in service time. The high energy density results in a lighter battery with the same energy output of a conventional battery, thereby offering added benefits like increased fuel efficiency in trucks, an increase in the load carried by the truck and longer life (around 20 to 30 per cent more).

Additionally, the 12D2000 offers other important advantages in terms of cost savings due to the enormous technical and performance advantages that the battery can offer in comparison to conventional sealed lead acid batteries. This could accrue from areas as diverse as having and maintaining a lower number of batteries, less amount of time needed for charging the batteries and increased efficiency by the equipment due to the lower weight and smaller footprint of the batteries, to name a few variables.

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