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New fuel management software available from U-Con Systems

LANGLEY, B.C. -- Over the past two years, U-Con Systems, a company dedicated to helping companies minimize fuel con...

LANGLEY, B.C. — Over the past two years, U-Con Systems, a company dedicated to helping companies minimize fuel consumption, has worked with clients in the construction, earthmoving, transportation, marine and rail industries to create Fuel Management On-line (FMO), proprietary software. FMO is designed to allow users to access all fuel consumption data, with the click of a mouse.

Since many companies are unable to manage their equipment’s fuel consumption on a day-to-day basis, U-Con’s software is designed to do that for them inexpensively, eliminating hours of manual data recording. The solutions are available online or reports can be email directly to the customer.

Positive ID is another advance the company has made over the last few month, according to James Lee, U-Con systems director.

“We attach radio frequency tags, which are about the size of a loonie to capture operating data with a hand held scanner,” he said. “In coordination with the tagging process, U-CON gathers telematics data from the vehicles on board computer at the time of refueling. Using radio frequency technology, we can deliver this operating data directly to our data warehouse, then merge it with fuel consumption information to produce actionable business intelligence.”

Lee says the U-Con’s most recent advances can help managers have the right information they can make the right decisions to improve productivity and profitability. U-Con clients are also able to select a customized list of reports which can include fuel economy, idling time, hard revs, excessive speeding and equipment productivity related to time and operating.

“With this information decisions are made to better manage labour, equipment, and ultimately fuel consumption. And with the cost of fuel today, that amounts to a lot of cash saved each day,” Lee said.

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