Shell Rotella grease line-up comes to Canada

Shell Rotella is bringing a portfolio of greases to Canada, in the form of HD, SD, MP and ET formulations. The HD is a premium heavy-duty grease for wheel bearings and general chassis lubrication for on- and off-road vehicles and general equipment. It is mechanically stable over long periods of severe vibration, and offers enhanced extreme-pressure properties as well as lasting protection in the face of water contamination. It also offers shear stability in high-speed wheel bearings.

LoadHandler adds Class 6/7 starters

LoadHandler’s Power Products starter and alternator lineup now includes two new L29 starters that can be dropped in as replacements in popular Class 6 and 7 vehicles including school buses and emergency vehicles. Each LoadHandler 29 starter comes with application-specific features to support durability and performance. Nine- and 12-tooth models are available for 12-volt applications, while the sealed nose design is in place to protect internal components. The planetary gear reduction design, meanwhile, promises fast cranks and an efficient power source.