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Peterbilt intros news medium duty model

LOUISVILLE, Ky.- Peterbilt introduced a new medium duty vehicle - the Model 335 - during its press conference at th...

LOUISVILLE, Ky.- Peterbilt introduced a new medium duty vehicle – the Model 335 – during its press conference at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The new vehicle goes into production in May and will be available in Class 6 and 7 truck and tractor configurations.

“Peterbilt’s impact on the medium duty marketplace has been significant, and the new Model 335 will take our presence to even higher levels,” said Dan Sobic, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “Its new design, with modern styling and distinctive Peterbilt features, provides customers with a premium image.

Additionally, through new serviceability features, interior upgrades for better productivity and ergonomics, and improvements that help increase visibility and safety, our medium duty vehicle remains the industry’s value leader with low overall lifecycle costs.”

Peterbilt’s Class 6 and 7 market share in the U.S. and Canada reached record levels in 2003 and annual production was at an all-time high, said Sobic.

At the heart of the Model 335’s design is the sloping, aerodynamically styled hood that is lighter and improves visibility over its predecessor, Sobic said. The one-piece hood with integrated fenders is constructed of Metton, a state-of-the-art composite material that is highly durable and impact resistant.

“Peterbilt selected Metton for the Model 335 because it is both lightweight and durable, and should reduce repair and replacement costs,” Sobic said.

A new feature is repeater lights located on the quarter fenders, complementing those in the headlamps, to more visibly signal lane changes and turns to vehicles to the side and rear. The new fenders are also engineered for use with 19.5-inch tires and 22.5-inch tires to retain the Model 335’s profile and proportions with either tire spec.

The Model 335’s chromed crown is made of a flexible, impact-resistant polymer which is chromium plated for additional durability and an appearance that will not dull, fade or require polishing. The stainless steel grille provides a premium, long-lasting appearance while providing superior protection to the cooling system, say company officials.

The Model 335 has a one-piece, stamped-steel bumper that is available in a painted version and a chromed version. FEPTO configurations are available.

“The design of the Model 335 brings a more dynamic, contemporary look to Peterbilt’s medium duty product. Yet, its styling is unmistakably Peterbilt with elements that optimize both form and function,” said Sobic. “Side-air vents accent the hood while increasing engine air flow and cooling capacity. The sloping hood provides a sleeker appearance while reducing weight and improving visibility and durability. The polished crown, grille and bumper create a professional, lasting appearance while featuring practical strength and long life. The Model 335 was engineered to bring our medium duty customers the industry’s lowest cost of operation and ownership – and look good doing it.”

Forward lighting

The Model 335’s new forward lighting system provides 40 per cent better down-road coverage than conventional sealed-beam systems, say company officials.

The lighting design creates a higher intensity beam with a broad, even distribution for nighttime visibility.

“In addition to its performance, the new lighting system helps reduce operating expenses through improved serviceability and durability. Bulb replacement is simple and requires no special tools or hard-to-find replacement bulbs. Vertical height adjustment can be performed without even opening the hood. And, the entire assembly is protected by a tough Lexan lens that prevents chips and cracks,” Sobic said.

Other visibility enhancements include a new side-view window that is 85 per cent larger and repositioned side-view mirrors for improved view. Optional rear corner windows and a larger, standard rear window introduced last year further improve visibility.

Hood tilt assist, locking mechanism

The Model 335 includes a hood tilt assist and anti-blow-down locking mechanism. The system is maintenance free and isolates the hood from the transfer of road noise and impact shocks absorbed by the chassis. While the hood is open, an anti-blow-down locking mechanism keeps it in position and prevents unintentional closing. Inside the hood handhold is an ergonomic lever that releases the mechanism and allows the hood to close easily.

Interior ergonomics, aesthetics

The interior of the Model 335 features upgrades to enhance operator comfort, productivity and ergonomics. Interior styling has also been made more contemporary through, for instance, a new two-tone color pattern that includes plush charcoal-and-gray seats.

“The Model 335 interior has an automotive look and feel that is appealing to medium duty truck owners and operators,” Sobic said. “Many customers in the medium duty markets are engaged in a lot of stop-and-go applications, such as pick-up and delivery, and often operate in congested, urban environments.

Providing a working environment that is convenient and comfortable helps increase operator productivity.”
Interior enhancements include:

* Color-matched fasteners, speaker grilles and instrument panel fixtures
* Optional chrome gauge bezels
* HVAC registers with chrome-style accents
* New two-tone seats with side bolster support
* New interior door latch design
* Chrome manual window cranks
* New dome light with independent operator- and passenger-side lighting
* Standard cup holder with 12-volt power outlet

“The Model 335 will follow in the award-winning tradition of Peterbilt’s previous medium duty vehicle as a leader in satisfying the needs of our customers,” Sobic said. “Our medium-duty heritage is founded on producing the industry’s most versatile, lightweight, durable and high-performing vehicle available. The Model 335 takes these design principals to the next level, positioning our medium duty customers with improved efficiency and productivity, ultimately strengthening their bottom line.”

Production of the Model 335 begins in May.

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