Phillips packs tractor-to-trailer connections together

by Today's Trucking

Phillips Industries’ Qwik-Change Pak (Power Air Kit) consolidates tractor-to-trailer connection components and cable support into a single kit.

The pack, or more precisely the “Pak”, combines Phillips’ spiral-wrapped 3-in-1 electrical and air combination assemblies with QCP (Quick-Change Plugs), service and emergency factory-installed anodized gladhands, and two 25-inch Qwik Change heavy-duty tracker spring kits with Qwik Clamps.

Phillips Industries’ Qwik-Change Pak (Power Air Kit)
(Photo: Phillips Industries)

The combined kit reduces overall costs and simplifies installation, Phillips says.

With the Quick-Change plugs, the nylon plug insert can be removed and replaced like the cartridge in a razor, and there’s no need to remove spiral wrap to disassemble the 3-in-1 during a repair.

The seven-way trailer side guard cable guard and extended lead, meanwhile, offers added protection at major stress points. And the anodized gladhands with stainless steel detent plates fight corrosion.

The Quik-Clamp itself can be installed and adjusted without tools.

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  • It is a good idea Phillips but what if you only need the cord replaced now you got a buy the whole package at more cost thank you