PowerFleet Vista delivers a broad view

by Today's Trucking

PowerFleet’s Vista video system is leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze and manage risky driving situations.

It builds on a technology portfolio that includes the LV-710 freight camera for trailers and containers, and the CP4 system for trucks.

Vista can integrate into fleet management systems or work as a standalone system. (Photo: PowerFleet)

Vista delivers high-definition video from road-facing and driver-facing cameras in real time. And it can operate as a standalone system or integrated into a fleet management system. The wireless connectivity supports 4G LTE, while built-in wifi supports auxiliary cameras for 360-degree views.

Features include live streaming, in-cab alerts relating to safety events, video recorded on an SD card that can be accessed remotely or locally, and a parking mode that will record events that occur after sudden jolts when the vehicle is shut down. Event-based notices track harsh acceleration or braking, distracted driving traits, harsh cornering, speeding and more.

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