There’s an interesting new website that allows drivers to find the closest Cat Scale via their mobile phones. The new site is specifically designed to function with web-enabled mobile phones. It features the locator portion of Cat Scale’s main site to provide truck-friendly driving directions as well as a search option that directs drivers to the company’s scale closest to their loading point.

Once on the site, drivers enter the city and state or zip code of their loading point and choose from a drop-down menu of how many of the nearby scales they’d like to view. They’ll be able to view a map of all of the Cat Scale locations in that area. Once selected, drivers can get information about the location such as truckstop name, interstate address, manager’s name, phone, fax, and longitude/latitude coordinates. Phone numbers on the site are all coded to auto-dial when clicked on. The site also provides driving directions to the chosen scale.

Cat Scale owns 1200 certified truck scales in North America and is part of the Iowa 80 Group that also owns and operates the Iowa 80 TA Truckstop, Walcott, Iowa, among others.

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