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Shaw Tracking releases new mapping application for oilfield industry

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- Shaw Tracking's new Legal Subdivision Mapping Application is now available. The application, c...

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Shaw Tracking’s new Legal Subdivision Mapping Application is now available. The application, compatible with the OmniVision Mobile Computing Platform, is tailored specifically to the oilfield industry, providing locations of oil rigs based on LSD coordinates.

Through the user interface, dispatchers can request updates and display vehicles on the map with current LSD location. If a driver calls in lost, the dispatcher is able to view the trucks’ location on the map and with the LSD grid coordinates is able to direct the driver to a specific oil rig.

Other features available include keeping the application as current as possible by posting new oil rig’s as they become available. The LSD map is designed to refresh every two minutes to display speed, direction, Truck ID and LSD coordinates of all vehicles on one screen.

“Shaw Tracking is pleased to announce yet another application designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Our solution provides technology for fleets to meet ‘work alone’ regulations, including a remote panic button, automated Hours-of-Service and reliable two-way satellite coverage. We continue to strive towards providing our customers with viable tools to assist in managing their assets and improving their bottom line,” said Mike Ham, vice-president of business services with Shaw Tracking.

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