It’s the time of year for ‘extreme’ air filter

by Truck News

PERRYSBURG, Ohio – Spring has arrived, and for drivers who suffer from seasonal allergens, Luber-finer is introducing the Extreme Clean HD premium cabin filters, which trap airborne particles ranging from five to 100 microns in size.

“Many drivers need to battle through the itchy eyes, stuffy noses and scratchy throats that are the hallmark of the springtime hay-fever season, but they have a best-in-class solution they can turn to in the Extreme Clean HD premium cabin air filter,” said Gary Bilski, chief engineer for Fram Filtration, Luber-finer’s parent company. “The Extreme Clean cabin air filter has been designed to be a first line of defense in not only keeping allergens out of the cab, but also preventing volatile organic compounds, such as gas or exhaust fumes, and other offensive odours from entering the passenger space.”

The filter also combines Arm and Hammer baking soda and carbon, giving it the ability to remove nuisance odours before they reach the cabin.

The Extreme Clean filter has been designed with application coverage for 16 truck and heavy-duty equipment manufacturers, including Freightliner, International, Volvo and Kenworth, and has a recommended in-service time of 12,000 to 15,000 miles, sooner if vehicle is operated in harsh conditions.

Visit or call 1-800-851-3641 for more information.

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