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Tractor-trailer marine tariff reductions will be implemented immediately

CARTWRIGHT, Nfld. -- There will be a significant reduction on the marine tariffs for tractor-trailer units shipped...

CARTWRIGHT, Nfld. — There will be a significant reduction on the marine tariffs for tractor-trailer units shipped from Cartwright to Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Black Tickle.

This year, due to the completion of the Trans Labrador Highway between Red Bay and Cartwright, the terminal location for tractor-trailers traveling to and from Happy Valley-Goose Bay moved to Cartwright. The tariff structure, however, did not reflect the reduction in nautical miles. As a result, government has decided it will, effective immediately, reduce the marine tariff to better reflect the reduction in distance.

The change in the marine tariff will result in an overall reduction in transportation costs for products shipped between Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Black Tickle via Cartwright. For example, a 48-foot container shipped from Lewisporte to Happy Valley-Goose Bay in 2002 cost approximately $1,200. With the new tariff reductions, the same container being transported from Cartwright to Happy Valley-Goose Bay will now cost approximately $650. Similar proportional tariff reductions will apply to the Cartwright – Black Tickle route.

“This is very significant to the people along the south coast of Labrador and the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area. The cost of shipping freight will be significantly reduced enabling businesses to remain competitive and making products available to consumers at more reasonable prices,” said Yvonne Jones, MHA for the Cartwright – L’Anse au Clair district.

All other transportation terms and conditions applicable to tractor-trailers and containerized traffic will remain the same.

For more information on freight tariffs, call Labrador Marine Inc. in Lewisporte at 709-535-6872 or in Happy Valley-Goose Bay at 709-896-5072.

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