Dormant and idle trailers could become more scarce for fleets using leased trailers, says XTRA Lease, thanks
to a new set of tracking features. With new custom landmarking tools and the ability to isolate dormant trailers at these landmarks, users now have more ways to improve fleet productivity and minimize idle trailer time. Other new features just released-emergency tracking and enhanced options for pinging trailers and monitoring cargo
and door sensor events-will improve fleet visibility and tighten security, the company says.

In March, the company introduced a new trailer tracking system for its fleet, a customized version of QUALCOMM’s T2 Untethered TrailerTRACS asset management system. The tracking devices use solar-powered charging to increase battery life. A new web-based interface enables customers to immediately hone in on trailer dormancy and utilization, and find trailers quickly.

For example, not only can fleets determine which trailers are located near custom landmarks, they can quickly
discover which trailers at a landmark have been dormant the longest, which landmarks have too many dormant
trailers, which landmarks are low on dormant trailers, and more.

Another new feature, an emergency tracking service, will enable fleet managers to find a trailer more quickly.
When a trailer is lost or stolen, for example, fleets can temporarily activate frequent status reports to determine
the trailer’s location and route, if moving. Pinging allows zeroing in on the trailer’s most immediate location.

XTRA Lease has also added the ability to track trailer movements, door openings and closings, and cargo
loading/unloading. Other new enhancements include the ability to schedule e-mail delivery of trailer location and dormancy reports, as well as improved search capabilities.

A third release of enhancements, available later this year for long-term lease customers, will provide even further
advanced reporting capabilities.

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