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Tremcar improves milk tankers

STRASBURG, Ohio — Tremcar has configured new features to its standard farm pick up tanks.

According to the company, it has come up with a new design merging different applications to limit the drivers from climbing up on the tanks and provide the possibility to load from the smallest farm to the biggest facilities without having to change units.  Various modifications to the standard farm pick up tank had to be done to accommodate both the farm to farm pick up and the straight loading systems. 

Tremcar says the outer frame (top and bottom) was modified to create the flat surface that seals air tight against the pads at the direct loading facilities. The door hinges were also modified to enable the door to swing completely out the way when backing against the pads. The curbside door is latched in the closed position while the driver’s side door is latched to the light box in a full 180 degree open position. With both doors secured there is no risk of damage while backing against the facility’s pads.

Heated wires were also installed in the front compartment pipeline to prevent freezing. On a direct load tank, the tanker is equipped with two valves enabling direct load with an automatic shut off system when the compartment is full.

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