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STIRUM, N.D. — It’s a versatile new product that takes the headache out of lining up a trailer hitch and a hitch ball – and it can be used on any vehicle by using the rear-view or side-view mirrors.

The Magnetic Hitch Locator from White Company is a set of reflector globes attached to masts that extend up to 60 inches. The masts attach to the bumper and hitch by strong magnets and the globes extend above or outside the vehicle bed, allowing the driver to see where the hitch ball and trailer hitch are. When the two globes touch, the hitch ball and trailer are aligned and can be hooked up.

The Magnetic Hitch Locator is simple to use and is ideal for aligning your towing vehicle’s hitch with your boat trailer, camper trailer, travel trailer, motor home, or fifth-wheel trailer. The MHL is also great for hooking up plows on the front of trucks.

There are several qualities of the Magnetic Hitch Locator that differentiate it from other hitch guides on the market. Because of its reflective globes, the MHL can be used effectively day and night because it reflects the light from the backup taillights. The MHL is the only hitch alignment guide that works on all vehicles and can work with rear view AND side view mirrors from either side of the vehicle. The MHL can rotate a full 180 degrees with fingertip adjustment and needs no tools to install.

The device is easy to use – place one Magnetic Hitch Locator base on the tow vehicle’s metal bumper and put the other MHL base on the tow vehicle’s hitch ball. Then simply extend both Magnetic Hitch Locator masts until their reflector globes are aligned and visible in tow vehicle’s mirrors. Remove second Magnetic Hitch Locator base from tow vehicle’s hitch ball and place it on the trailer hitch. Back tow vehicle to align Magnetic Hitch Locator’s reflector globes, hook up your trailer and you’re ready to go.

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