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Volvo reports truck delivery increase

SWEDEN -- Deliveries from Volvo's three truck companies increased 14 per cent through this February, compared with...

SWEDEN — Deliveries from Volvo’s three truck companies increased 14 per cent through this February, compared with the year-earlier period, officials reported.
Deliveries from Mack rose 26 per cent, while deliveries from Renault Trucks were up six per cent. Deliveries from Volvo Trucks increased 18 per cent during the same period.
“Deliveries continued to develop strongly in February. This applies mainly to North and South America as well as the Middle East, driven by a strong trend in Iran. We also note continued favorable order bookings in Europe and North America," commented Leif Johansson, CEO and President of the Volvo Group.
During the past 12 months, order bookings for the Group’s truck operations were 13 per cent than the previous year, say officials. Orders were up three per cent in Europe, while the increase in North America was 34 per cent.

Total deliveries by market for the Volvo Group’s truck companies (Mack, Renault Trucks and Volvo Trucks):

Delivered units year-to-date change

Volvo Group 2004 over 2003
Europe: 14,978 compared to 14,984 = zero per cent
Western Europe: 13,768 compared to 13,735 = zero per cent
Eastern Europe: 1,210 compared to 1,249 = minus three per cent
North America: 6,116 compared to 4,204 = 45 per cent
South America: 1,015 compared to 710 = 43 per cent
Asia: 2, 874 compared to 1,795 = 60 per cent
Other markets: 1,007 compared to 1,092 = minus eight per cent
Total Volvo Group: 25,990 compared to 22,785 = 14 per cent

Deliveries from Mack totaled 3,235 trucks through February, up 26% compared with the corresponding period in 2003. Activity at dealers continues to reflect an increased demand for new vehicles, as a result of pent-up demand and growing confidence in the US economy.
Deliveries by market area:
Delivered units year-to-date change
Mack 2004 2003
North America 3,001 compared to 2,359 27 per cent
South America 73 compared to 83 = 12 per cent
Asia: not available
Other markets 146 compared to 124 = 18 per cent
Total Mack 3,235 compared to 2,566 = 26 per cent

Renault Trucks
Deliveries through February totaled 10,441 trucks, a rise of six per cent compared with the corresponding period in the preceding year. The high level of deliveries is attributable to increased sales in markets outside Europe.
In Western Europe, sales rose in Spain (19 per cent), Italy (13 per cent) and the UK (eight per cent). The number of vehicles sold fell seven per cent in France during the period. Deliveries of assembly kits, CKDs, outside Europe rose by 776 units (132).
Deliveries by market area:
Delivered units year-to-date change
Renault Trucks 2004 compared to 2003
Europe: 9, 011 compared to 9,084 = minus one per cent
Western Europe: 8,398 compared to 8,431 = zero per cent
Eastern Europe: 613 compared to 653 = minus six per cent
North America: 32 compared to 38 = minus 16 per cent
South America: 41 compared to 57 = 20 per cent
Asia: 953 compared to 239 = 299 per cent
Other markets: 404 compared to 442 = minus nine per cent
Total Renault Trucks: 10,441 compared to 9,808 = six per cent

Volvo Trucks
Volvo Trucks increased deliveries of trucks by 18 per cent during the period January-February 2004, compared with the year-earlier period. Demand for heavy trucks in the U.S., Brazil and Middle East continued to be highly favourable, with Germany and Spain also showing a positive trend during the first two months of the year.
Deliveries by market area:
Delivered units year-to-date change
Volvo Trucks 2004 compared to 2003:
Europe: 5,967 compared to 5,900 = one per cent
Western Europe: 5,370 compared to 5,304 = one per cent
Eastern Europe: 597 compared to 596 = zero per cent
North America: 3,083 1 compared to 807 = 71 per cent
South America: 901 compared to 622 = 45 per cent
Asia: 1,906 compared to 1,556 = 22 per cent
Other markets: 457 compared to 526 = minus 13 per cent
Total Volvo Trucks: 12,314 compared to 10,411 = 18 per cent

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