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VTRAC Systems delivers affordable GPS based security solutions for trailers

GRASS VALLEY, Calif., -- Vtrac has just released its second-generation GPS security and tracking device for trailer...

GRASS VALLEY, Calif., — Vtrac has just released its second-generation GPS security and tracking device for trailers – the new VLINK product line is the basic entry-level theft prevention system.

In the past, most GPS based tracking solutions have been primarily asset tracking tools that will allow you to locate your trailer once the determination has been made that it has been lost, misplaced, or stolen.

While optimization of equipment use is important and does have an effect on profitability, Vtrac contends that security has the greatest potential return on investment.

All VLINK systems can be customized depending on our client’s requirements. All VLINK systems deliver instant theft or tampering notification, and all systems differentiate between yard hostling and over-the-road movement.

With the new second-generation system, a fleet owner can outfit his fleet of trailers, and use any of his tractors to pull them without special codes or keys. By using a new design, VLINK units actually recognize authorized tractors and automatically disarm themselves. There are no keys, no codes and no driver involvement.

Regular position reports, usage reports and position inquiries are pretty much the same for everyone. Where Vtrac stands out is their 24 hour a day, 365 day a year call center that snaps into action within seconds of receiving an alarm from any unit that is being tampered with, or moved by an unauthorized piece of equipment. Vtrac’s trained operators contact emergency dispatch personnel, owners and if necessary, Law enforcement to effect a quick solution to one of the industry’s biggest problems – trailer & load theft.

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