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BluDot Incorporated of North America along with MasterBrake Systems Incorporated have launched the actuation and control of hydraulic braking systems for livestock, commercial and towable recreational vehicles. The ElecDraulic I and the ElecDraulic II braking systems feature a microprocessor controlled system, integrated self diagnostics and a choice of hydraulic or disc brakes. They offer optional load proportional braking and anti-lock braking to eliminate flat spotting of tires caused by brake lockup. For more information, visit www.bludotinc.com.

Allison Transmission has introduced Allison DOC, a PC-based full feature diagnostic software application supporting control system for the Allison MD 3000, HD 4000, 1000/2000/2400 Series, CEC2 Off-Highway transmissions and B Series product lines. The Allison diagnostic tool enables a technician to quickly and easily access diagnostic data from the transmission control system and conduct systematic troubleshooting of transmission problems through the use of embedded troubleshooting manuals. For more information about Allison’s diagnostic tool that automates the diagnostic routine, call 317-242-3184.

Schenck Pegasus has introduced a new way that vehicle manufacturers can test their powertrains and front end accessory devices. The Engine Torque Pulsation Simulation (ETPS) Dynamometer system is low in inertia and uses a real time model for engine configuration and combustion. This combination predicts the high frequency torsional pulses that any gasoline or diesel engine produces. This system reduces the costs associated with maintaining and running a fueled engine, and it also tests without producing exhaust emissions, the need for complex real time hardware simulators and gather field recorded data. For more information visit www.schenckpegasus.com.

Transcraft recently revealed its Beavertail ramp system on their drop-deck trailers, DTL 2100 and DTL 3000. This ramp system can be loaded all the way to the end of the trailer with the addition of four-by-four timbers. Both of these models are designed to haul heavy equipment payloads at lower fuel costs. Beavertails have adjustable ramps that allow the user to place them the full width of the trailer for loading wider equipment or slide them inward to accommodate machinery with narrow wheelbases. A spring-assisted lift package is standard for lifting and lowering the ramps. For more details visit www.transcraft.com or call 800-950-2995.

A new log auditing service has just come out, courtesy of J.J. Keller & Associates Inc. The KellerSCAN Exempt Log Auditing Service provides carriers with a simplified way to monitor and audit driver activity. With the new service, Keller can receive and audit exempt logs according to the following interstate regulations: indicate start/stop time; over 12 hours log required; excess 60 hour/7 day violation or 70 hour/8 day log required; total hours missing/ in error; and missing exempt log. Once the new U.S. hours of service regulations kick in Jan. 4, 2004, the service will audit according to the new requirements (allowances will be made for passenger carrier clients to remain under the existing rules). Logs are scanned and processed within five business days of receipt. Log images are stored electronically for the current month plus the prior six months. The customer can generate reports and view log images through secured access to ww.kellerservices.com, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. For more information on KellerSCAN Log Auditing Services, call 1-800-558-5011, ext. 2262, or visit the company’s Web site at www.jjkeller.com

LuBoron Engine Oil Treatment is now available for commercial vehicles. The oil, designed to extend the life and operating range of truck engines, features patented born-based technology developed by Argonne National Laboratories. An additive that requires only a one-time application, LuBoron Engine Oil treatment blends with any synthetic or conventional engine oil. It contains boron-based components to protect working parts from wear, friction and corrosive elements. The oil treatment purports to forms a near-diamond hard micro-layer of protection on metal parts, with strong covalent and ionic bonds to metal surfaces, providing a long-lasting, low-friction surface impervious to most contaminants. For more information on LuBoron Engine Oil Treatment or for product test results visit www/luboron.com

BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires has introduced the DR424 regional drive tire. The tire was designed to deliver superior levels of traction as well as smooth, even and long tread life, says the company literature. According to company officials, the tire features an aggressive, open-shoulder drive tire with tread compounds tailored for regional service. The tire is available in 10R22.5, 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5 and 275/80R24.5 sizes, all in Load range G. For further information, visit www.bfgoodrichtrucktires.com

Hendrickson has introduced a new automatic trailer back-up alarm system. The audible alarm system can be installed on new trailers by manufacturers, or it can be purchased aftermarket for retrofitting. The system activities with reward trailer movement, producing a loud warning sound to alert bystanders and other drivers. A wheel-end direction sensor reads the ABS ring tone and activities the alarm, a 97-decibel repeating pound pulse, after one-half of a reverse revolution of the tire. The alarm stops two seconds after the trailer stops or immediately upon any forward movement. The system comes in a kit, which includes a direction sensor, electronic control unit, wiring harness and alarm. The electronic module features an additional output that may be wired for a warning or back up light (not included in the kit). The system requires no communication with the tractor and features reverse polarity protection and reset fuses. For more information and details on Hendrickson. call 866-Rideair, or visit www.hendrickson-intl.com

Transportation Maintenance Solutions has introduced a new maintenance management software package for US$1,495,000. EZ Maintenance (EZM) software is a Windows-based software package that can manage, track and control all vehicles and equipment maintenance cost, according to manufacturer Transportation Maintenance Solutions (TMS), based in Jacksonville, Fla. According to TMS, EZM will work on all Windows platforms from Windows 95 upwards and is network/multi-user ready straight out of the box. Separate modules handle vehicles as well as any type of equipment. The software can produce over 80 reports to help fleet management costs. The software can apparently handle an unlimited number of vehicles and or equipment. Compatible PC hardware must have a CPU of 800 MHz or more and at least 256 MB of ram (512 is better). Other PCs on the network can be less powerful, for example, 500 MHz or above and at least 128 MB of ram. For more information, visit www.ezmaintenance.com/FMMS.

A new, two-piece bearing separator set has hit the market courtesy of Ken-Tool. The separators remove generator gears, bearing races and any other component too close to allow jaws to be placed behind it. They have knife-like edges that are flat on one side for easy placement behind components. The smaller separator has threaded holes that 3/8 -16 inches and capacity is 0-2 1/4. The larger separator has threaded holes that are 5/8-18 inches and capacity is 0-4 1/4 inches. These tools are to be sued with gear pullers. Their compact storage package will fit in the drawer of your toolbox. For more information visit www.kentool.com or call 330-535-7177.

ArvinMeritor announces the availability of new traction control information for Meritor drive axles through a multimedia information kit. The kit features operation instructions for an optional Driver Controlled Differential Lock (DCDL) and the standard Inter-Axle Differential (IAD) lock for Meritor drive axles. The information is designed to educate heavy-duty truck operators and technicians on t
he benefits and operating procedures of the two devices, as well as provide information about an optional pump and filter system. The Drive Axles Traction Controls information may be ordered as a complete kit or by individual items. Access the ArvinMeritor Online Ordering System at www.arvinmeritor.com/tech_library, or call 800-535-5560 with your request: Complete kit – SP03103, Driver instructions: Audio cassette – SP03107, Compact disc – SP03104, Technician and driver instructions: DVD – SP03105, VHS tape – SP03106, Operation and installation technical bulletin – TP9579

Nissho Iwai American Corporation (NIAC) has launched a new line of mobile electronic products including DVD players and video game units for vehicles. The product line is marketed under the brand name G2G (Good2Go) and offers a full line of electronic video and TV products for vehicles, including, console systems and portable systems that strap on to the back of the seat. NIAC enters the mobile electronics market after purchasing a number of consumer electronic patents from Meritt Electronics, a division of Tirem, Inc. and makers of the original VideoTraveler, the first totally portable TV/Video unit for vehicles. Screen sizes of the G2G products range from 4″ to 7″ in flat-screen and console models and allow passengers to view movies, play video games and watch TV. Each unit includes the Plug ‘N Go operation, which allows for easy set up and use. G2G products include: Mobile DVD 9″ TV Console; Mobile VHS 9″ TV Console; Mobile DVD Player; 5.6″ Monitor and DVD Player; 7″ Monitor and DVD Player; 5.6″ Monitor DVD and VHS combination; Two 5.6″ Monitors and DVD player; Carrying Case for a combination TV. For more information, visit www.g2ggear.com n

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