Windshieldink rolls out new services in mobile app

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. — Windshieldink announced this month the launch of three new business services, Fleeter, Alerter, and Connects all of which work in unison with the existing Windshieldink mobile app and expand the functionality of this license plate messaging platform.

Windshieldink is a free mobile app and messaging platform enabling vehicle owners to make themselves instantly reachable via their license plate number. The target customers for the new business services are fleet operators, roadside assistance companies, parking lot operators, valet services, and anyone interested in a new channel related to driving and roadside communication.

Fleeter modernizes the phone-based 1-800 “How’s My Driving” program. A fleet operator can upload an entire license plate database into the Fleeter online platform and link an email address to each individual license plate. Anyone using the mobile app will be able to send the business a message about their vehicles or drivers simply by inputting the vehicle license plate number. The sender can optionally include their contact information and a GPS location in their message.

Alerter provides a way for organizations to make the public aware of vehicles or trailers that are missing. Organizations can add the license plates of missing vehicles to the online Alerter database. Mobile app users will be able to automatically verify if a suspicious looking vehicle has been reported missing.

Connects uses the Windshieldink mobile app platform as a quick way to message an organization using an easy to remember ID. For example, a roadside assistance company could create a simple ID such as #TOWME or the SPCA could create an ID such as #SPCA. In this example, to send a message to either of these organizations simply input #TOWME or #SPCA in the app, add a message and hit send. The message is sent to the organization without having to remember their phone number or e-mail address. The message sender can also include their contact information and GPS location in their message.

“The team at Windshieldink is passionate about providing an easy-to-use method to crowdsource road safety and make our roads safer” said founder and CEO Ken Kuchling. “There are millions of eyes and ears observing what is happening on our roads every day. All of us, including pedestrians, notice how drivers are driving or parking, or if there’s an abandoned car or trailer in a back alley or if a pet is left in a hot vehicle. Let’s take advantage of those eyes and ears with technology, that’s crowdsourcing at its best.”

The app is free to download from Google Play or the App Store.

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