XTRA Lease has added new flexibility to its trailer tracking service, enabling users to set up customized groups to monitor their fleet activity. Now, fleet managers can assign leased trailers to groups they create, such as pools or
dedicated contracts, and then monitor these trailers based on group activity. It should improve trailer utilization performance and the ability to respond quickly to business and shipping changes.

Users can also receive temporary emergency notifications to monitor specific activities, such as door openings or unplanned trailer movements. For example, a fleet manager
may want to keep an eye on a high-value trailer load over a weekend more closely than usual tracking provides. With the new capabilities, the manager can set the temporary
notification feature to generate an e-mail alert any time an activity occurs during the time period he or she specifies, meaning better security and assurance that loads reach their
destination as planned.

Other new enhancements include geo-fencing capabilities; exporting trailer history; and capabilities that enable users to assign customized monitoring plans to trailers in their fleet.

Earlier this year, XTRA Lease introduced a new trailer tracking system for its fleet, a customized version of Qualcomm’s T2 Untethered TrailerTRACS asset management
system. The tracking devices use solar-powered charging, combined with 7-way power, to increase battery life. A new Web-based interface enables XTRA Lease customers to
immediately hone in on trailer dormancy and utilization, and locate trailers quickly.

Since its introduction in March, XTRA Lease has installed the new devices on more than 90% of its rental vans. This trailer tracking is offered as a free service on dry van rentals as a way to help educate the industry on the service’s value as a productivity tool.

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