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CBs may be exempted from Ontario cell ban after all: OTA

TORONTO, Ont. -- The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) says it has convinced the Ministry of Transportat...

TORONTO, Ont. — The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) says it has convinced the Ministry of Transportation to reconsider including CB radioes in a ban on handheld devices while driving.

Initially, CB radioes were to be banned in three years, which caused some concern among the OTA.

In a letter to OTA president David Bradley, the MTO said “we have noted the OTA’s concerns and we acknowledge that, before the sunset date, the Ministry will review the appropriateness of the exemption in consultation with the industry”.

“We are extremely pleased with MTO’s receptiveness to reviewing this aspect of the regulation,” said OTA’s Bradley. “OTA agrees with the principle of the regulation to improve highway safety, but we need to ensure its application does not negatively interfere with trucking operations and communication.”

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4 Comments » for CBs may be exempted from Ontario cell ban after all: OTA
  1. David Robson says:

    I am glad to hear that even though we still see people driving while using electronic devices. The politicians don’t realize how trucks can control traffic and reduce accidents in congested areas. We can see well ahead and tell each other of upcoming traffic problems. This allows us to slow traffic down slowly and reduce emergency braking of high speed 4-wheelers.

    By the way! When are we going to see more law enforcement on our highways to enforce these new laws?

  2. Kevin Brulotte says:

    It is good to see that common sense may prevail for a change!

  3. Hans Jansen says:

    I talked to a C B repair tech as he fixed my noise cancelling mike and he assured me that a voice activated boom mike is feasible. They have had this technology in private aircraft (Cesnas etc.) for decades. I asked a tech about this years ago and he told me then that truck cabs were too noisy for voice activation but I knew that noise in a Cesna was much worse than a truck cab. I guess he didn’t think there was enough market at the time to bother developing this for truckers. By the way, the receive function would still come through the C B speaker so you wouldn’t need another bud in your ear .

  4. Dave says:

    Amazing. It takes the OTA to Awaken the Ministry of Transportation to the fact that this potential ban on CB`s would endanger the lives of First responders,Emergency equipment operators,Law enforcement officers,and anyone else who found themselves unfortunately stranded on or off on the side off the Highway, around the bend or up over the horizon, or perhaps even obscured in a blizzard , to the approach of a 100,000 odd pound gigantic Vehicule hurtling toward them at 100 odd kph not knowing they are there because now their fellow truck drivers travelling in the opposite direction cannot alert them to the impending crises. DONT MESS WITH A FIFTY YEAR TRIED AND TRUE METHOD OF COMMUNICATION BETWEEN TRUCK DRIVERS.IT COULD COST YOU YOUR LIFE!

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