Class D renewal requirements change in Ontario July 1

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. – Class D license holders in Ontario will have new medical and road test requirements beginning July 1, 2018.

The Ministry of Transportation released its new guidelines for medical reports and testing for Class D license holders, bringing them in line with other commercial driver licenses in the province.

Starting on July 1 Class D license holders up to age 80 will be required to complete a knowledge test and vision test every five years when renewing their driver’s licenses. Previously no knowledge and vision tests were required for drivers under the age of 65, although they’re required for other license classes.

Class D licence holders will also be required to complete a medical report every five years if they are under the age of 46, every three years from ages 46-65, and annually for drivers aged 65 and older. Under the old regulations medical and vision tests were not required for Class D licenses until drivers turned 80.

Drivers operating with their Class D licenses in the United States will see no changes to that county’s regulations and are still required to provide proof of medical certification.

Those drivers who fail to provide the proper medical documentation on time to the Ministry of Transportation could see their Class D license downgraded to a Class G license, the ministry said.

The road test requirements for the license remain unchanged, and will still only be required if drivers accumulate three demerit points or have an at-fault collision until they reach the age of 80, when a road test becomes an annual requirement.

The ministry says the new requirements bring the Class D license in line with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) standards, which are the basis for the Canada/U.S. medical reciprocity agreement.

A ministry spokesperson said ensuring Class D drivers are held to the highest medical filing standards will strengthen road safety.

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  • This legislation is only making Ontario a harder place to work and for employers to find it harder to find drivers.Also make older drivers that are good drivers with work ethics another reason to throw in the towel.Industry already has enough regulation.
    Way to go Ontario

  • more money out of my pocket. I wonder if the company will reimburse me for this. my guess is no. plus its a day or 2 to take off for test and medical.

    lose lose for employees and employers

    my opinion but this frustrating

      • You were able to get a medical examination, write the test, complete the paper work and submit this all to the Drivers test facility all within an hour? I’m doing something completely wrong then. I will agree that steps were needed to improve the level of driving skills in Ontario. But at the end of the day does this really help? Once again it’s another hit on the ones that have always maintained a good driving record and work etiquette and does nothing to those who are to blame.

  • just more bs from someone sitting behind a desk making more stupid rules. that why i dropped my class A. they just what to take more money out of the working men and women pockets of ontario.

  • I don’t know who comes up with all these stupid laws and rules but they need to get their head out of their ass. We commercial drivers passed your tests, and have been working in the trade. What’s next go back to kindergarten for a “refresher course “. All this.. Just a money grab. We know it they know it. Let’s them take the food out of the mouths of our families. Unemployment and welfare will spike and the working people will pay for it oh wait “WE ARE THE WORKING PEOPLE”

  • I am 64, never had an accident or event, I could fill out a medical form myself….but I have to go to my doctor to have a physical for 140$, because OHIP will not cover my physical. Because OHIP screws myI will doctor, I do not blame him, but I am not willing to take a day off from work (unpaid), to pay to keep a DZ, so I will not pay this and then not pay taxes as a dz driver and retire.

  • I can drive just fine with my dz, b ut I see plenty of A transport drivers, in our place of business, who cannot speak english or even back their truck up to our loading docks. I think that medical forms for DZ, at 140$ is a disgrace. You are just forcing me into early retirement. Better, that you figure out who is passing these drivers, that are unqualified A drivers, inside deals?

  • I had the great experience of going to MTO for a renewal of my DZ, and took my number of 119 and I stood in line behind 118 and the person at the counter told me I was not next, because it went by time, and to go sit down. and within 10 seconds, she called my number, no wonder this government, is slow, inefficient and ineffective. Wasting my time.

  • What next !
    I’m sure if we dream some more we can come up with more, pre- testing and over educating things like . . .
    . . . I know lets drill and test people about the types of seat belt fiber and tensile strength and advance math formulas at certain speeds (to really mess people up) and ultra violet sun light erosion, oops I mean to make more money , oops or to justify someones job or oops . . . !!!
    . . . Maybe windshield construction and shade ratings of tints, . . . how about headlight types and brightness calculations
    . . . maybe how loud one can listen to the radio in special formulated decibel equations . . .
    I”m sure they could all be implemented into a driver’s test of some sort . . .
    safety is important I get that, but what next , it never seems to end.
    guess I feel frustrated and this is a way of venting, it just never ends, but I guess it must some how statistically make something
    better I hope.
    Your phone help lines are really kind of useless. You might just as well have no phone.

  • I am retired and worked all my life to have an AZ lic. and it is down to a D. now you want to take that away from me for nothing. THis SUCKS. I may never use it but I worked hard for it and now it will be go because of this law. Leave us retired people with some dignity .

  • How long after you have your birthday over 65 do you have to get a medical before being downgraded frim a B license to a G license?