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CSI Wireless launches GSM-compatible Asset-Link

CALGARY, Alta. -- CSI Wireless Inc., a Calgary-based designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless and GPS product...

CALGARY, Alta. — CSI Wireless Inc., a Calgary-based designer and manufacturer of advanced wireless and GPS products for the automotive, commercial and consumer markets, recently announced the launch of its new Asset-Link 400.

It is an asset-tracking and telematics product for use in the more than 170 countries where GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the standard wireless service.

GSM’s digital wireless technology was originally developed for Europe but is now used by more than 72 per cent of the world’s wireless subscribers – almost one billion people.

“GSM users represent an enormous market for CSI Wireless and its Asset-Link family of innovative, cost-effective fleet-tracking, safety and security telematics products,” said CSI President and CEO Stephen Verhoeff. “Our new Asset-Link 400 is designed specifically for the digital GSM standard, in the same way that our Asset-Link 100 and Asset-Link 200 products are designed for North America’s analog AMPS standards.”

CSI Wireless, to appeal to GSM users, is not only offering its new Asset- Link 400, but also preparing to offer a GSM-compatible version of its FLT-Link product, which is exclusively engineered for trailer tracking.

More than 140,000 CSI-designed asset-tracking and telematics products are currently deployed throughout North and South America – by trucking companies, car rental companies and other fleet-oriented enterprises that have concluded it makes good business sense to remotely monitor and manage their mobile assets.

CSI Wireless will offer three versions of the Asset-Link 400 – a GSM-only version, a GSM/GPRS version and a GSM/AMPS version. Thus, the Asset-Link 400 will offer reliable asset-tracking capability and coverage over a larger geographical area than any other telematics product available.

The Asset-Link 400’s GPRS capabilities also open up new markets for CSI Wireless’ Asset-Link product line in the Americas.

The Asset-Link 400 will enable customers to remotely: Monitor vehicles’ movements; Monitor vehicles’ mechanical performance including oil/air pressure, plus engine running hours; Log and analyze performance data, including temperature trends and fuel efficiency; Perform important security functions including: remotely locking or unlocking doors; starting or stopping the ignition; establishing geo-fences.

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