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Long combination vehicles coming to N.B. highways in June

FREDERICTON, N.B. -- Applications from the trucking industry to operate long combination vehicles (LCVs) under spec...

FREDERICTON, N.B. — Applications from the trucking industry to operate long combination vehicles (LCVs) under special permit on four-lane highways in New Brunswick will be accepted by the Department of Transportation effective June 30.

An LCV is a twin semi-trailer combination with an overall length of 40 metres. They have been operating on Routes 1 and 2 between Saint John and Dieppe as part of a pilot project since 2005. The safety of these vehicles has been subject to a University of New Brunswick study that determined they were safe for use on New Brunswick’s four-lane highways.

“These types of operations can provide transportation efficiencies contributing to our Atlantic Gateway work and our provincial agenda to become self sufficient by 2026,” said Transportation Minister Denis Landry. “The operation of LCVs on major corridors can also provide environmental benefits such as fuel savings and greenhouse gas reductions that contribute to the province’s Climate Change Action Plan.”

Landry said that the department will be applying strict permit and operating conditions to all carriers approved to operate LCVs in New Brunswick.

Companies will be required to submit to the Department of Transportation a detailed application covering such items as access to origin/destination, commodities transported, and driver and vehicle information. The department will review the applications against established criteria to determine if a special operating permit will be issued.

Further information regarding the approval process and vehicle specifications for LCV operations in New Brunswick may be obtained by contacting the Department of Transportation at 506-453-2802.

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