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OOIDA gives US DoT a failing grade on safety and security

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- North Americas largest owner/operator lobby group continues its attempts to block a controver...

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — North Americas largest owner/operator lobby group continues its attempts to block a controversial plan allowing Mexican trucks to operate on American highways.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) held a joint press conference in Washington along with other safety groups, and issued a report card for the US DoT on safety and security. The DoTs grade an F.

OOIDA argued the US DoT has failed to comply with the requirements outlined and signed into law regarding the Mexico cross-border program, disregarding safety and security.

“Transportation Secretary Mary Peters claims truckers from Mexico will be subject to the same regulations as US drivers, yet she has never said how this will be done,” said OOIDA executive vice-president Todd Spencer. “These regulations don’t exist in Mexico. Enforcement of stringent hours-of-service regulations is meaningless if a Mexican driver has been awake for a week straight when he reaches the US border.”

The US House of Representatives last month passed the Safe American Roads Act, which was hailed as a victory for opponents of the cross-border program.

“However, apparently the Bush DoT chose to thumb its nose at the Congress and at the will of the American people by pursuing its global economic agenda,” Spencer said.

OOIDA unveiled the results of a poll conducted by a US research firm that showed about 56% of respondents believe Bushs plan to allow Mexican trucks into the US is dangerous.

“How can this administration possibly rationalize asking thousands of young men and women in uniform to make the ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s safety and security thousands of miles from home – and at the same time make our southern border even more porous than it already is?” asked Spencer.

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