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Quebec to allow full-length trailer tails

QUEBEC CITY, Que. — Quebec Transport Minister Jacques Daoust has signed a ministerial decree authorizing the use of trailer tails in Quebec as of Apr. 6.

The notice was posted in the Gazette Officielle du Quebec on March 23.

This order is intended to be a transitional measure pending a modification of permanent regulations. The province says the transitional measures will help to maintain the competitiveness of the Quebec trucking industry while contributing to faster reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“These systems are installed at the rear of the trailer and unfold when the vehicle is in motion,” says Normand Bourque, coordinator, technical and operational issues with the Quebec Trucking Association (ACQ). “They have the effect of reducing turbulence at the rear of the vehicle, hence the gain in energy efficiency. The amendment in question is intended to allow longer (trailer tails), for greater efficiency, and allows Quebec to harmonize the regulation with the Canadian standard loads and dimensions.”

Visit here for the complete amendment.

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