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Satellite security systems introduces Ionit, ensuring security and cargo protection

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Satellite Security Systems (S3), a global provider of asset security and logistics control, ha...

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Satellite Security Systems (S3), a global provider of asset security and logistics control, has launched IONIT, the first satellite security and monitoring solution for tethered and un-tethered units, providing superior accountability and efficiency for the trucking industry.

IONIT is a covert system placed on individual units and tracked via satellite communication and Global Positioning System (GPS) for up-to-the-minute location and monitoring. IONIT is solar powered with a reserve battery and works with FleetGuard, a desktop application that allows managers to view, monitor and track each vehicle in an entire fleet at once.

Rust & Sons, Inc. a San Diego-based trucking company, recently tested IONIT on an interstate trip from California to Indiana.

"IONIT allows our dispatchers to monitor the movement of our equipment in real time," said Joe Graves, general manager for Rust & Sons, Inc. "The system allows us to hold our drivers accountable for their performance of duties en route and at the same time provides us with an accurate equipment inventory throughout the country."

Tractors and trailers carry cargo ranging from high-value to hazardous-waste or petrochemical products. The need to secure these units is of paramount concern to trucking companies, California Independent Oil Marketing Association (CIOMA) members, and State and Federal departments. The California state government is considering Assembly Bill (AB) 575 (requiring truck disabling devices, global positioning or other location reporting systems on hazardous material haulers), and the CHP has been tasked with researching various technologies to support these regulatory initiatives.

According to John Phillips, president of S3, "IONIT is the logical next step for our company. In October 2003, S3 demonstrated how, with our law enforcement partnerships, we can shut down a truck or other asset should it become a public risk. S3 will continue to lead the way in developing solutions that protect this country."

For more information, visit or call (877) 437-4199.

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