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NEW YORK, N.Y. TruckWatch introduces driver-friendly immobilizers that stop thieves and terrorists from hotwiring...

NEW YORK, N.Y. TruckWatch introduces driver-friendly immobilizers that stop thieves and terrorists from hotwiring trucks.

The immobilizers, common on new automobiles, have cut auto theft by 50-70 per cent in Europe and Australia. TruckWatch projects similar effectiveness in protecting truck and heavy equipment fleets from theft and hijacking.

We experience over $10 billion a year in cargo theft losses, and these costs to the economy are growing as thieves become more aggressive. Add to that the threat that terrorists will use trucks to deliver weapons of mass destruction. Not only is our standard of living threatened by truck theft; so is our homeland security.

Now TruckWatch has introduced two new security systems for commercial trucks and heavy machinery. TruckWatch’s SafeStop makes it almost impossible for a thief (or terrorist) to steal a truck even if it’s idling. The MachSafe immobilizer greatly reduces the risk of theft for heavy machinery like bulldozers.

SafeStop is an advanced anti-theft device that cuts the truck’s electrical system at several points. SafeStop can only be unlocked with an encrypted transponder similar to those found on most high-end automobiles. An unauthorized driver – a cargo thief, a terrorist or a joy rider – won’t be able to move the truck – even if it’s idling. With multi-circuit immobilization, it’s nearly impossible to hotwire the vehicle. Multiple transponders can control a vehicle allowing managers and mechanics to keep control of the fleet even if the driver loses his transponder on the road.

The product retails for US$149 (C$179).

MachSafe is designed for off-road heavy machinery that is often unsupervised and unprotected. MachSafe is an electronic immobilizer for 24V heavy equipment that will force the thief to spend several hours trying to bypass the multipoint protective system. This greatly increases his risk of discovery and reduces the likelihood of a successful theft. Heavy equipment theft costs are estimated to be over $1 Billion in the US alone.

Priced at US$125(C$149), MachSafe is well within the budgets of most equipment owners.

These TruckWatch products have been approved by the Vehicle Security Installation Board and the Freight Transportation Security Consortium

For more information, call Drew Robertson at 212 981-2529 X13 or 917-751-1003 (cell)

Truck News

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