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U.S. in-bond processing system prepping for prenote

TORONTO, Ont. -- OTA is urging carriers of in-bond shipments through the U.S. to be prepared for processing system...

TORONTO, Ont. — OTA is urging carriers of in-bond shipments through the U.S. to be prepared for processing system changes when the Trade Act is implemented.

The Trade Act requiring advance electronic notification on U.S. imports will be implemented at U.S. ports on a regional basis. Notification of the Act coming into force will be published 90 days prior to implementation in the U.S. Federal Register.

The QP/WP program is a component of the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) which is the computerized system that U.S. Customs brokers use to transmit regarding shipments to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). QP/WP specifically deals with in-bond shipments, enabling U.S. Customs Brokers and other automated parties to transmit in-bond transactions and receive movement authorization and other messages directly from CBP.

Expanded use of QP/WP program will prepare carriers for the in-bond requirements under the Trade Act and enable more trucks with in-bond freight to clear at U.S. primary inspection. (Traditionally, in-bond shipments have been referred to secondary for paperwork entry and processing.)
But there will still be some paperwork for truck drivers to carry, even as use of the QP/PW, is expanded, warn CBP officials.

That’s because there is currently no automated manifest for trucks. Therefore, when trucks carrying in-bonds shipments cross a land border, drivers will be required to present a CBP 7533 form. And since the electronic in-bond transaction in QP/PW will be linked to a paper document, a paper copy of the CBP 7512 will also be required. In order to allow the use of this document for primary booth processing, a barcode identifying the in-bond serial number will be need to allow for automated identification of the in-bond shipment.

Basically these forms, properly filled out and bar-coded, will make getting through U.S. Customs faster and easier for carriers.

The Port Directors for Buffalo, Lewiston, Detroit and Port Huron have all indicated that the expanded use of the QP/WP program for in-bond processing is already beginning to take place.

The Ontario Trucking Association and Customs and Border Protection strongly encourage carriers to gain experience with the QP/WP program through their U.S. Customs Brokers in preparation for the implementation of the Trade Act.
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